Ko CompSoc tetahi o nga karapu nui rawa atu i te Whare Wananga o Waitaha, he hononga kaha ki te Kura Rorohiko me te Hangarau Pūmanawa.


CompSoc is one of the biggest clubs at the University of Canterbury, with strong links to the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering.


We’re here to help students be better prepared for the workforce, while also creating a community of like minded students through industry, academic and social events.

Tech is great – and we want to share that message with everyone. In fact, we’ve been doing it since 2004. And we do that through supporting our students in nurturing their interests and enthusiasm for tech, as well as helping them transition to the workforce.

Doing it is not an easy job, but our sponsors have recognised that we play an important role to the industry. Their continued support is important for us to carry on this mission, but so is getting more support from more industry companies as we rapidly grow as a club.

One of the largest clubs

We have over 250 members, making us the largest club for Computer Science and Software Engineering students.

We’re growing

We expect our membership base will significantly increase in 2023, reaching over 300 members.

Active membership base

1600+ likes our Facebook. We’ve also made a Facebook group to reach out better & improve communications.

We do industrial, academic and social events to our members. The goal is to prepare our members with necessary skills for the IT workforce and to connect our members with opportunities.

CompSoc is well known for the success of our events, but there’s even a bigger plan for 2023. With the support from sponsors, we will organise more tech workshops, industry events. We will also focus even more on the promotion of internships and graduate roles, in the process of helping our sponsor companies and talented students connect together.

CompSoc Industry events

Our industry events are organised in the formats of workshops and panel discussions or presentations with our sponsors and partners. These sessions aim to help our members develop more holistic skills in Computer Science and get ready for the IT workforce, no matter whether it is an internship or a graduate opportunity.

Socials with industry partners

We will continue to organise our End-of-Term social engagements as regular and familiar offline events at the end of each term for our members. These social events will come in a range of formats including BBQs, Pizzas, and our annual Quiz Night.

Tailored events

Our 2023 Gold Sponsors will have the opportunity to collaborate with us on two events of their choice which we will tailor, personalise, plan all the logistics, and deliver to our members and the wider UC Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mathematics student community. CompSoc is able to accommodate a wide range of events personalised to your needs. 

Virtual meetups

CompSoc welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with all sponsors. While offline bootcamps will be our main venues for sponsors who have a presence in Christchurch or New Zealand to promote themselves, the opportunities they offer, as well as to contribute to some of the educational workshops CompSoc is running this year, we are also pleased to extend this opportunity virtually to our sponsors not based in Christchurch or New Zealand. Virtual meetups will also be organised as a contingency option for all of our offline events this year while Covid-19 continues to present a degree of uncertainty.

Why should you sponsor CompSoc?

Sponsoring CompSoc is about a win-win situation.helping the industry grow. giving sponsors access to our talented students.giving students the opportunity to develop.

Sponsoring CompSoc for 2023 gives sponsors exclusive access to our members and our events. Furthermore, CompSoc will collaborate with our sponsors to organise events, plan for promotions of brands and opportunities, and determine what our sponsors need in return for their sponsorship.

CompSoc endeavours to create a win-win situation for both our members and our sponsors. With sponsorship, our members will have access to more opportunities for training, academia and personal development whilst being part of an active student community. In exchange, our sponsors have access to a broader range of industry talents and promote themselves, but also in the long term, it is the premier way to build a high performance and skilled IT workforce for New Zealand and indeed the world, which we will all benefit from. 

Our continued commitment to fostering a student community

CompSoc is determined to explore how we can better engage with our members, and key to this is holding a wide variety of events. In 2023, we will continue running our Facebook group for which connects together all of our members with information more effectively. We currently also have a draft plan to establish a Discord server.

A more diverse, industry-focused range of events

CompSoc is well known for our academic and social events. In 2023, we plan to create stronger partnerships with our sponsors so as to bring to our members more industry events, bootcamps, workshops, and panel discussions. This will not only give our members better access to opportunities, but also give our sponsors access to a larger pool of qualified and high quality candidates. Furthermore, bootcamps will give members an opportunity for personal development, preparing them for the workforce.

Growing CompSoc's membership

CompSoc is proud to be one of the biggest clubs at the University of Canterbury and we enjoy a high reputation. In 2023, we have a strong objective to grow our membership base. Sponsorship will allow us to offer cheaper membership fees, while more resources mean we are able to plan more events and promote more opportunities to our members.

What we can offer to sponsors

Exclusive access to our members and general events

Our 2023 sponsors will enjoy exclusive access to our members. You will be invited to join all of our general events, and our Facebook and Discord groups.

Collaborated events and industrial events

We can plan and host a wide range of events in collaboration with our partners, whether it be industrially-focused events, bootcamps, social events, hackathons and more. 

Tailored solutions to meet your objectives

Sponsors come to us with different objectives. Many view it as doing their part in fostering the future of our IT workforce. Other sponsors want to promote opportunities. CompSoc is, therefore, committed to tailored solutions for each sponsor.

Collaborated events and industrial events

We can plan and host a wide range of events in collaboration with our partners, whether it be industrially-focused events, bootcamps, social events, hackathons and more. 

Promotion of internships and other career opportunities

We can help you raise awareness of your company’s career opportunities and activities while targeting a large, active and engaged student cohort here at UC.

How sponsorship works

There are three sponsorship options:

  • Bronze, which is when you contribute $800 or more
  • Silver, which is when you contribute $1250 or more
  • Gold, which is when you contribute $2000 or more

These options give you different perks and entitlements, as outlined below.

We want to remain very flexible to all arrangements, so please reach out if there are any questions.

We would love to hear from you.

Thank you very much for your interest in sponsoring CompSoc. We want to collaborate and be open to as many sponsors and partners as possible, and would like to take this step further.

So whether you’re committed to sponsoring CompSoc, or have a question, or would like to discuss something, please reach out.

Our President, Ethan Brittain-Morby, can be contacted at president@compsoc.org.nz. We will endeavour to reply as soon as possible.