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Current Sponsors

Become a sponsor

What can CompSoc offer you?


Marketing opportunities include:

  • Exposure to our members of your publicity brand and marketing.
  • Signage, logos, displays can be featured at our events, Facebook page and on our website.
  • We also have access to space in lecture theatres and computer labs where posters or other advertising material for your company can be displayed.
  • Event attendance and features
  • Guest speakers from your company at our events.


We can organize events with you to:

  • Meet with and recruit students and members.
  • Promote internships, graduate positions and other job opportunities.


Philanthropic opportunities include:

  • Service to the community
  • Outreach programs (Including high school, Maori and Pacifica, and female students.)

What you can offer us:

  • General financial assistance to keep us running throughout the year.
  • Swag / goodie bags (Especially earlier in the year for club membership sign ups)
  • Sponsorship for events, e.g. for food and drinks, speakers, prizes, etc.
  • Representatives from your company coming in to talk about software development in the real world

Interested in helping us out? Get in contact with us here: sponsorship@compsoc.org.nz.